WORKOUTS: The Complete Edition (digital)

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Brain fuzz.

It’s a common ailment of the bootcamp trainer.

You know the feeling. When you are trying to come up with yet another new and different workout for your campers but all you get is a kind of dull emptiness in your head and no new workout ideas.

I have made it my business over the past 11 years to help de-fuzz trainer’s minds.

This means exposing you to a lot of different styles of workouts and concepts. Workouts puts these training concepts and ideas into one place. A single place that you can go to an defuzz your brain when you need to.

If you are new running bootcamps, it will also completely set you up with how to plan and program your workouts and the many kinds of different workouts you can run.

So whether you are a new trainer looking for some guidance or an old dog looking for some new tricks, you will find Workouts a a great resource to have.

- Kyle Wood

Founder of

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  • Cheat Sheet of 10 Exercise Substitutions

  • The Little Bootcamp Book of Tyres and Ropes

  • The Little Bootcamp Book of Warm Ups

  • Starting a Bootcamp Business

  • Beyond Burpees

  • BONUS: WORKOUTS Reloaded

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"We had a great workout last night with Complex Sprints!

My son Tom and I who both run our bootcamps together, explained to our clients to choose their reps for the 1st Interval and see how they felt whether they needed to go up or not, and to our delight most clients went up for the second level and a couple went with the advanced level for the 3rd interval of circuit A! Circuit B worked perfectly with the dumbbells, some choose heavy others went the light option and again, had a few that decided to do the advanced option for the 2 sets of this circuit.

It was a warm night in Brisbane so lots of sweating and puffing! As my son yelled out the different exercises I did the circuits with our clients to keep them pushing on!! We finished with a “core finisher” and stretching and that lasted our hour session.

Thank you very much for all your assistance, it was an easy to run, but tough to particpate for our clients(although they had the option of how hard they wanted to work)!!"

– Karen Seebohm, Brisbane

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WORKOUTS: The Complete Edition (digital)

0 ratings
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