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Starting a Bootcamp Business is one part motivation, one part how to guide and one part mini business plan.

When I ran my bootcamp, I saw many other group training sessions start in the same park as me and then fizzle out.

I’ve distilled the bare basics of what you need to do to start a bootcamp that will not just be around in 12 months from now but will flourish. Then I’ve carefully edited in a bunch of personal business stories and stories from other trainers.

This book is not meant to cover every possible question that you will have, it’s been written to teach you how to ask the right questions and how to get answers to those questions. Along the way I will tell you what worked for me and what didn't.

Inside you will learn:

  • Why my first bootcamp failed and what mistakes I didn't make the second time around.
  • How to find those first few clients - not just my tactic but those from half a dozen other trainers.
  • The number one mistake most new bootcamps do and how to avoid it.
  • A crash course in how to write marketing material for your bootcamp that people will actually respond to.
  • What equipment you should start with.
  • Two cool unconventional marketing tips that have worked awesome for me.
  • Four different ways to make taking payments off clients a breeze.
  • Nine books that I read that changed the way I thought about running a bootcamp business.
  • You will get two PDFs, the book plus a worksheet.

  • You will get two PDFs, the book plus a worksheet.
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Starting a Bootcamp Business (digital)

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